Growth Marketing Insights from Fractl

Organic vs. Sponsored Instagram Posts

Are an influencer’s sponsored posts as compelling to their audience as their other content? Companies considering influencer...

Kerry Jones
| November 18, 2016

5 Types of Facebook Sharers: What Motivates Them to Share? [Infographic]

If you spend much time on Facebook, you’ve probably noticed that people use the same platform in radically different ways.

| July 12, 2016

Motivations for Sharing on Facebook

Since Facebook created the share button (a feature you may wish your puppy-loving aunt never discovered), our News Feeds have...

Kerry Jones
| July 6, 2016

Sharing Habits of the Average Facebook User

Whether an active poster of daily selfies or a silent news feed scanner, more than a billion people log onto Facebook every day

Kerry Jones
| June 1, 2016

How News Publishers' Audiences Are Using Facebook Reactions

When Facebook released Reactions in February 2016 – allowing users to “love,” “haha,” “wow,” “angry,” and “sad” posts – there...

| April 22, 2016

Facebook vs. YouTube: Which is the Best Viral Platform for Super Bowl Ads?

Fractl’s SVP of Creative Kristin Tynski highlights what marketers should know about viral videos and social media in order to...

Kelsey Libert
| March 14, 2016

50 Awesome Women in Marketing to Follow

Kelsey Libert, Fractl's VP of Marketing, earned a spot on SEJ's list of the top females around the world to follow who are...

Kelsey Libert
| February 23, 2016

The Second Generation of Sharing

Ed Haslam of ShareThis referenced Fractl's research on sharing habits by publisher to discuss the evolution of social sharing...

Kelsey Libert
| January 15, 2016

Influencer Marketing Discussions on Twitter

Learn which topics are trending in influencer marketing discussions on Twitter with the latest research from BuzzStream and...

| August 14, 2015

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