Growth Marketing Insights from Fractl

Why Some Content Campaigns Won't Succeed (And What to Do About It)

If a marketer says he or she can produce a content campaign guaranteed to go viral – run.

Tyler Burchett
| March 18, 2019

How Content Can Help You Achieve Your B2B Marketing Goals

You’re amped and ready to break last year’s sales goals, impress your boss, and knock your B2B marketing strategy out of the...

Matt Meadows
| March 5, 2019

Choosing the Right Types of Content Marketing for Every Stage of the Buyer's Journey

The problem many marketers have with effectively using various types of content marketing is when they focus on only one part...

Ashley Carlisle
| March 4, 2019

Incorporating a Viral Video Marketing Strategy to Your Business Plan

We’re in a golden age of video content. And it looks like it’s only getting better. Why? Well for one, it has never been...

Joey Morris
| January 4, 2019

Knowing the Difference Between Content Strategy and Content Marketing

Content surrounds us. Everywhere you look, you see buzzwords and catchphrases: content marketing and create quality content...

Meg Piedmont
| January 4, 2019

From Interest to Leads: How to Reach Your Target Audience

Targeting isn’t just an important part of marketing; it is marketing. Without targeting, selling products and advertisements...

Tom Dehnel
| January 4, 2019

A Guide to Mastering Viral Marketing and Applying it to Your Business Plan

From the Fearless Girl campaign to HBO’s immersive websites for Westworld, we’re constantly surrounded by content that...

Meg Piedmont
| January 2, 2019

4 Types of Lead Generation Marketing You Need to Consider

When marketers think about online lead generation, they often focus on the conversion part of the process. They put an...

Jennifer Johnson
| September 21, 2017

7 Tips on How to Get Exposure for Your Business

At a 2017 Fractl content marketing event, our two speakers included Alex Furmansky, the founder and CEO of Budsies, and Stacia...

Amanda Milligan
| July 20, 2017

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