Growth Marketing Insights from Fractl

The Art of Selling Content to Execs [Podcast Episode]

Not everyone understands the value of content.

Amanda Milligan
| February 25, 2020

Lessons From Sales on Getting Better Marketing Buy-In [Podcast Episode]

Sales and marketing are different skill sets, but they both have foundations in communicating effectively. 

Amanda Milligan
| February 18, 2020

Convincing Brands To Say Something Worthwhile [Podcast Episode]

Imagine everyone you knew kept telling you the same trivia fact over and over. Hey, did you know a snail can sleep for three...

Amanda Milligan
| February 11, 2020

Using Psychology To Improve Your Marketing Pitch [Podcast Episode]

Words are powerful, and this power can be harnessed in multiple ways — from what you choose to say, when you choose to say it,...

Amanda Milligan
| February 4, 2020

Not Selling Your Work Internally? You’re Doing It Wrong [Podcast Episode]

You know that content marketing works. But does your boss? Your CEO? Your client? 

Amanda Milligan
| January 28, 2020

How SEO and Content Marketing Work Together to Create Amazing Results

Need to find the closest tailor? Looking for tips on cooking a pot roast? Seeking out a contractor nearby? 

Shaina Sklar
| July 16, 2019

Why Digital PR SEO Should Be Part of Your Marketing Strategy

Link building has been a common strategy for digital marketers for years. The practice, which involves generating links to...

Domenica D'Ottavio
| March 24, 2019

The Power and Impact of Influencer Marketing

You were there, once: the first day of school in a new shirt. A shirt that made you proud but that your mother dismissed as...

Kelsey Libert
| March 24, 2019

Virality's Role In Digital Marketing

One of the biggest questions posed by content creators, in regards to digital content, usually surrounds the following...

Kristyn Pilgrim
| March 24, 2019

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