Growth Marketing Insights from Fractl

How to Make the Most Of Your Virtual Events [Podcast Episode]

Quarantining in the time of COVID-19 has meant everyone has needed to adapt to the virtual life.

Amanda Milligan
| April 14, 2020

How to Track Tough-To-Measure Marketing Tactics [Podcast Episode]

Some of the most effective marketing strategies are sometimes the hardest to get buy-in for. Why? Because they aren’t always...

Amanda Milligan
| April 7, 2020

The Nuances of Effective Messaging [Podcast Episode]

Think about how you’d describe your job to a colleague. Now think about how you’d describe it to someone who has no idea what...

Amanda Milligan
| March 31, 2020

Don’t Mimic In Your Marketing — Maneuver [Podcast Episode]

If you’re doing what everyone else is doing, will you truly stand out?

Amanda Milligan
| March 24, 2020

Getting Content Buy-In From Your Legal Team [Podcast Episode]

A lot of marketers take a casual approach to moving forward with content without being sure of the legal ramifications.

Amanda Milligan
| March 17, 2020

What is Digital PR and How Can It Impact Your Business?

Digital PR has disrupted the press release of decades past and is sending ripples throughout the digital marketing world. It...

Domenica D'Ottavio
| March 11, 2020

Measuring Top-of-the-Funnel Content [Podcast Episode]

Content that converts is easy to sell internally. But what about content that is bringing brand new people into the fold who...

Amanda Milligan
| March 10, 2020

The Power of Social Listening [Podcast Episode]

Listening to your customers and potential customers is a huge part of marketing.

Amanda Milligan
| March 3, 2020

The Art of Selling Content to Execs [Podcast Episode]

Not everyone understands the value of content.

Amanda Milligan
| February 25, 2020

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