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Digital PR Outreach: The Efficacy of Email Personalization [Study]

Digital PR pros have to send pitches, dozens—sometimes more—to journalists everyday on behalf of their clients. 

Domenica D'Ottavio
| August 17, 2020

How Has Coronavirus Impacted Digital PR and Link Building?

The outbreak of Coronavirus in 2020 disrupted billions of people’s lives around the world in almost every way possible. 

Domenica D'Ottavio
| August 14, 2020

Workplace Benefits Study

Companies in Silicon Valley often boast the “coolest” work benefits and have Americans pining for table tennis, unlimited...

Domenica D'Ottavio
| May 1, 2020

What is Digital PR and How Can It Impact Your Business?

Digital PR has disrupted the press release of decades past and is sending ripples throughout the digital marketing world. It...

Domenica D'Ottavio
| March 11, 2020

Why Digital PR SEO Should Be Part of Your Marketing Strategy

Link building has been a common strategy for digital marketers for years. The practice, which involves generating links to...

Domenica D'Ottavio
| March 24, 2019

Social Media's Role in Viral Content Marketing

According to Statista’s latest estimate, 77 percent of U.S. Americans have a social media profile. Worldwide, the number of...

Domenica D'Ottavio
| March 20, 2019

How to Align Your Social Media and Content Marketing Strategy

You have a social media strategy in place. You have an idea of what you’re going to post, when you’re going to post it, and...

Domenica D'Ottavio
| March 10, 2019

The Hidden Value of a Nofollow Link: Two Content Marketing Case Studies

After working hard on your outreach strategy, researching and building a list of contacts, and painstakingly writing the...

Domenica D'Ottavio
| March 6, 2019

The Definitive Guide for Guest Posting in 2019

It’s exciting to see your byline and headshot on top-tier websites or niche industry blogs. Sharing your expertise in a blog...

Domenica D'Ottavio
| January 2, 2019

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