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Lessons From Sales on Getting Better Marketing Buy-In [Podcast Episode]

Sales and marketing are different skill sets, but they both have foundations in communicating effectively. 

Amanda Milligan
| February 18, 2020

Convincing Brands To Say Something Worthwhile [Podcast Episode]

Imagine everyone you knew kept telling you the same trivia fact over and over. Hey, did you know a snail can sleep for three...

Amanda Milligan
| February 11, 2020

Using Psychology To Improve Your Marketing Pitch [Podcast Episode]

Words are powerful, and this power can be harnessed in multiple ways — from what you choose to say, when you choose to say it,...

Amanda Milligan
| February 4, 2020

Not Selling Your Work Internally? You’re Doing It Wrong [Podcast Episode]

You know that content marketing works. But does your boss? Your CEO? Your client? 

Amanda Milligan
| January 28, 2020

What is Link Building and How Does It Establish Brand Authority?

Out of context, it sounds like a children’s toy or some kind of complicated arts and crafts project. But link building is...

Amanda Milligan
| October 24, 2018

Ask Amanda About Marketing – Episode 29: How to Confidently Click "Send" (And Have People to Send To)

When you're drafting emails for your brand's email list, do you end up having a bit of a Tom-Hanks-style writer's block?

Amanda Milligan
| March 15, 2018

Ask Amanda About Marketing – Episode 28: From the Ground Up

Who here has wondered what goes into starting a successful site from the ground up?

Amanda Milligan
| January 31, 2018

Ask Amanda About Marketing – Episode 27: Now that's a bright idea!

Content doesn't start when you design a pretty graphic, or even when your cursor is blinking in a Google Document. It starts...

Amanda Milligan
| January 9, 2018

Ask Amanda About Marketing – Episode 26: The Secret to Content Promotion

Everyone wants to know the secret.They want to know how to promote content AND meet their marketing goals.

Amanda Milligan
| December 13, 2017

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